TCMM Shutter Group are an industry leader in window covering brands including Shutterly Fabulous, California Shutters and The Shutter Store.  They have offices in the UK and the USA.

TCMM Shutter Group are growing fast and have ambitious business plans for the next few years.  Due to the company’s expansion and their requirement for more office space, they have purchased the unit next to their existing one in Shoreham and connected the two.  As their IT Support provider we suggested the office extension was the perfect opportunity to perform an IT systems upgrade.  We want to ensure that their IT infrastructure is aligned to their strategic plans and future-proofs the business operation.

IT Systems Upgrade

  • Server Upgrade – we replaced the existing small business server with an HP ProLiant enterprise grade server – which runs the latest 2016 operating system – for greater capacity, flexibility and performance.
  • Rack Mount System – the increased office space has allowed for a dedicated and secure communications room which our Curve IT team helped to plan and set up.  We designed and installed all the equipment within the new rack mount system, which facilitates easier access, improved organisation and better air circulation.
  • Firewall and Router Upgrade – we replaced the old router with an upgraded SonicWall product which improves security, enhances connectivity and possesses the additional capacity to manage TCMM’s faster internet line.
  • Network Switch – as the team at TCMM expands further more computer ports will be required.  As part of our future-proofing plan, we installed a new network switch for these new ports.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – we installed a new UPS that will, in the event of a power outage, keep the servers on line for a period of time.  If the power stays down, the UPS will ensure the system safely and carefully shuts down.

Improving Office Connectivity

  • Faster Internet – with the company growing at a pace, faster and secure internet connectivity was becoming paramount to the daily operation of the business. We co-managed the purchase and install of a faster internet line.
  • Improved WiFi – Curve IT’s WiFi Design consultant heat-mapped the WiFi signal in the existing and new office spaces.  Our recommendation was to install two Ruckus R500 wireless access points to give a high-speed, reliable office WiFi.


  • Minimal Disruption – we dovetailed our installation into TCMM’s construction schedule as they interconnected the existing office space with their new unit next door.  We conducted the hardware upgrade installation and configuration on a Friday afternoon to ensure minimal disruption to TCMM’s operation.
  • Seamless Migration – the server migration means the old and the new servers run concurrently for a period of time to ensure a seamless process. Our monitoring systems allow us to continually  check that the migration is proceeding as planned and to quickly rectify any discrepancies before issues occur.
  • Client Assistance – we liaised with the phone line supplier as their connection feeds into the rack mount system that we were installing.  We assisted with the team’s physical office move and hardware set-up to complete the migration.

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“Curve IT consistently provide immediate response and practical solutions for all of our tech needs – despite TCMM Shutter Group not being the easiest company to work with as growing exponentially and have offices globally! A special thanks to the team for the out of hours support to rewire the entire office, migrate to the new server & sort the patch cabinet.”
James Hamilton | TCMM Shutter Group