Fibre infrastructure

Full-fibre connectivity is no longer a luxury extra – it is a core part of critical national infrastructure. Superfast broadband underpins our work and leisure lives, our public services and our private businesses. It allows people to work from home and on the move, to access rich media and new experiences. It enables greater creativity, innovation and efficiency. It helps cities get smarter.

By replacing old copper connections with fibre-optic cables, full-fibre networks offer much faster speed and greater reliability.

We work with major organisations from across the public and private sector to install full-fibre infrastructure fit for the built environment, ranging from individual homes to businesses of all sizes and public sector organisations.

This includes supporting major projects with public sector funding, such as the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) backed Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) Challenge Fund.

Our approach is forward-thinking, prioritising future resilience and efficiency, as well as a cost-effective installation  processes.

A ‘Dig once’ full-fibre approach

Delivering full-fibre connectivity has a massive impact, but it can also be a major undertaking. Planning new fibre-optic networks can mean working around numerous other infrastructure elements, from utilities to road layouts. Actually installing the cables can involve digging up roads, reconfiguring buildings and disrupting transport and other services.

We therefore take a ‘dig once’ approach to full-fibre projects wherever possible, working with key stakeholders to determine the least disruptive and most resource-effective place and time to install new cabling. By combining full-fibre installation with other construction projects, from building renovations to the creation of new cycle paths, we can achieve superfast connectivity with minimal disruption.

The Scape framework

Curve IT is proud to work with Scape approved partners – organisations which have been pre-determined to meet KPIs which give clients reassurance that projects will be delivered to time, cost and quality. This allows clients to dramatically speed up their procurement processes and achieve more detailed design, market-tested cost estimated, risk identification and mitigation and construction methodologies early in their projects.

By working with Scape approved organisations, we offer clients peace of mind that their project will be delivered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible – with the performance measures to prove it.