Curve IT provides an all in one connectivity solution and building management system for multi-dwelling units and other types of shared buildings

MDU Connect from Curve IT is a complete connectivity solution for owners, landlords or management companies responsible for networks in shared buildings, such as build to rent multi-dwelling units and other multi-occupancy buildings. 

MDU Connect combines leading hardware with specially designed software and a cloud-based access portal in order to provide insight into utility consumption and enable the easy provision and management of secure internet services to tenants within a building using a converged network solution. MDU Connect’s unique combination of hardware and software also provides significant cost savings when compared to existing connectivity solutions.

In addition to build to rent sites and office spaces, MDU Connect can also be deployed in the hospitality sector, university campuses and other locations where occupants require connectivity and building owners or managers wish to deliver and monitor utilities.

MDU Connect provides:

A “feel of the home” for tenants

Tenants are provided with an access key, which they can change, for connecting to the internet and managing authorised devices. Where smart metering is installed, tenants can also monitor their own use of utilities

The ability for building owners and landlords to provide their own internet services to tenants

Building owners or managers can sell internet services and other related packages to tenants, providing an all in one solution for the four key utilities. Multiple services can be delivered over an encrypted converged network, access to which is managed via the easy to use MDU Connect Portal, which is also supported on an ongoing basis by the team at Curve IT. The cost-effective nature of the MDU Connect solution also allows for owners or managers to include back-up hardware to reduce the possibility of network outages

Unrivalled building insight

Building owners or managers can also monitor the building-wide consumption of services, including all key utilities, where smart metering is installed. Additional sensors and smart building technology can also be included and managed through MDU Connect, providing an insight into heat loss and building security through one central building management system (BMS).

How it Works

MDU Connect Explained

  • MDU Connect is built on hardware provided by leading equipment manufacturers. This includes WiFi access points and network switches from Ruckus Networks and router equipment from Mikrotik, which are used to deliver the converged network within the building
  • This hardware then works in conjunction with MDU Connect’s specially developed software and cloud-based access portal
  • This combination provides the ability to manage connectivity to multiple tenants or building users in a way that is intuitive, secure and substantially more cost effective than other solutions
  • The cost-effective nature of MDU Connect can also be used to boost reliability, by including back-up router equipment for example, at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complicated connectivity solutions