Get more from your WiFi network. Whatever the venue or event, providing your visitors with a free WiFi network gives them a reliable and high-speed internet connection but also gives your organisation the opportunity to engage with them in real-time, in a variety of creative and intelligent ways.

Through our WiFi marketing services, you can increase revenues through cross-selling and promotional opportunities, increase engagement by offering real-time updates and interaction, generate valuable customer insights, encourage social engagement and ultimately deliver a higher quality customer experience. We offer a diverse portfolio of WiFi marketing services, which can be tailored to the precise nuances of your event, venue and audience.

Advertising Campaigns

Targeted advertising can be delivered to any user connected to your WiFi network, both en masse and at a highly granular level. This builds brand awareness, powers cross-selling and up-selling, and enables the delivery of specific promotions to particular visitors. Through content scheduling, you can deliver different campaigns at different time intervals, and integrated customer surveys and competitions can collect valuable customer intelligence.

Advertising campaigns can be applied to one or multiple WiFi hotspots. Alternatively different adverts within a campaign can be applied in a scheduled manner around the various hotspots within your network.

Branded WiFi Portals

We can develop bespoke, branded and mobile-responsive WiFi portals as simple splash pages, as microsites or as apps, for any venue or event and applied to one or multiple WiFi hotspots. A public WiFi hub can then be transformed into an information or promotional hub connecting visitors to internal content or that of third parties. Curve IT we offer a design service for content management of images and text, colour theming for buttons, headings, links and banners.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration enables your WiFi network to work even harder, building greater engagement with your visitors and users, and generating detailed visitor insights through demographic data. We can enable visitors to login to your WiFi network via social media channels, allowing for instant interaction and live analytics across all social media channels.

Analytics & Data Capture

The better you understand the behaviour of your WiFi users, the better you can tailor your services to their needs and ultimately build your audience. All of our WiFi marketing services incorporate comprehensive reporting including live and historical data, demographics, authentication methods, device type, browser versions, return users, visitation and other location information. Data capture to build insights and databases is available instantaneously or on a scheduled basis.