WiFi Marketing Services

Whatever the venue or event, providing your visitors with a free WiFi network gives them a reliable and high-speed internet connection but it also gives your organisation the opportunity to engage in real-time with each user.  Our WiFi Marketing Services can increase revenues, provide real-time updates and interaction, give valuable customer insights, encourage social engagement and improve overall user experience.  WiFi marketing can produce measurable and valuable returns on your investment and gives your customers expected WiFi connection and more.

Advertising Campaigns

Targeted advertising can be delivered to users on connection to your network – ideal for brand awareness or offering a particular promotion.  Content scheduling is available on a granular level so different campaigns can be advertised at different time intervals.  Customer surveys and competitions can also be featured at this stage of connection to collect valuable customer intelligence.  Campaigns can be applied to one or multiple WiFi hotspots.  Alternatively different adverts within a campaign can be applied in a scheduled manner around the various hotspots within your network.

Branded WiFi portals

Bespoke, branded WiFi portals which are mobile responsive, can be built as a simple splash page, as a microsite or as an app, for your venue or event.  A public WiFi network can be transformed into an information hub connecting visitors to your specific content or to that of third parties.  At Curve IT we offer a design service for content management of images and text, colour theming for buttons, headings, links and banners.  WiFi portals can be applied to one or multiple WiFi hotspots.

Social Media Integration

Your visitors can login to your WiFi network via social media channels which allows for instant interaction with them on the channels.  You can also gain visitor insights through demographic data.  Live analytics is available on social media channels.

Analytics & Data Capture

Our WiFi Marketing services provide comprehensive reporting including live and historical data, demographics, authentication methods, device type, browser versions, return users, visitation and other location information.  Data capture to build insights and databases is available instantaneously or on a scheduled basis.


WiFi Marketing relies upon reliable and high-speed WiFi Networks which Curve IT can deploy on a permanent, temporary, outdoor or indoor basis.