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Ruckus WiFi Network Brighton Sussex

Curve IT are a Big Dog Partner of Ruckus Wireless.  This badge of honour ensures our customers can be confident that we will design and deliver a high-performance, optimal Ruckus WiFi network.  Ruckus delivers simply better connections, so we can deliver awesome customer experiences.

We deploy Ruckus WiFi access points in all of our WiFi network infrastructures, whether it’s for a large-scale permanent WiFi installation or for a temporary event that requires guaranteed concurrent connectivity for multiple users and devices.  For example, for London property developer, Essential Living, we have deployed Ruckus R500, R610 and T300 access points into their residential buildings ensuring that every resident has their own secure, fast, reliable and flexible network connection.  We’ve also deployed custom-designed Ruckus access points at Brighton’s newest tourist attraction, British Airways i360, so that WiFi is available to visitors at 138 metres high in the sky!

We work with Ruckus because we know their solutions are easy to deploy, smart, secure, scaleable and always deliver high-performance no matter how tough the environment.  Ruckus innovate across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs, their products consistently outperform their competitors.  We know that great connectivity is what really matters to our clients, so we turn to Ruckus.

Ruckus delivers the best WiFi experience with patented BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology by enhancing the performance, coverage, reliability, consistency, and capacity.  The higher performance and capacity of Ruckus’ products means that less Access Points are required up front for the same user needs, which in turn lowers overall expenditure on the WiFi network.

If you are interested in an affordable WiFi network infrastructure delivered by best-in-class, enterprise-grade Ruckus products call us on 01273 806220.


Ruckus WiFi deployment example

Ruckus WiFi Brighton Sussex