From individual offices to major new residential complexes, today’s construction projects require high-performance IT infrastructure to be considered from the outset.

Consumers expect high-speed WiFi and data points; clients expect an intelligently designed communications centre that can operate all the building management systems such as CCTV or heating systems.

Yet IT infrastructure can still be overlooked by contractors for new buildings or simply viewed as just a part of the mechanical and electrical plan.

Curve IT consultants are here to change that. We have experience of multiple projects within the construction sector including large-scale holiday resorts, multi-unit residential buildings and visitor attractions.  We have worked directly with clients and architects from the early pre-construction stages of the RIBA Plan of Work.*

We can provide a full IT infrastructure strategy for any building that will complement the mechanical and electrical plan. Our early involvement in the RIBA Plan of Work pre-construction stages has assisted not only in the design of the IT infrastructure but also in the physical design of buildings, avoiding costly retrospective changes as well as saving time in the build schedule because IT installations can be dovetailed with electrical installations.

We aim to understand the way you want the building to operate; how people will move and flow around the building; the technology you wish to supply to the building and what you wish to deliver to your end-user to meet your brand strategy plan. From this knowledge we can plan, design and source technology to deliver even the most ambitious project.