Curve IT is an IT systems provider with a reputation for delivering intelligent IT solutions across a multitude of industries and events.  At the centre of all we do is our focus on our customer’s business objectives.

We will meticulously plan and design IT systems and IT managed services around the business goals you have for the company and your budget.  Our aim is to provide long-lasting value through our future-proof planning and best-in-class recommendations.

We keep our IT language simple leaving our team’s technical knowledge and practical skills to demonstrate the depth of our experience. Our team will take a proactive approach to the management of your IT and will always keep you informed. 

Our fully managed IT service covers all elements of your technological infrastructure; your networks, workstations, servers and email.  We monitor them all for maximum efficiency and perfect health. This method of IT support means that problems are preempted and unnecessary downtime is minimised and in many cases, eliminated altogether.

We can manage your IT either at your premises or remotely. This is useful for a wide range of businesses, from small companies and start-ups to larger organisations. It can be an ongoing arrangement or merely emergency cover for a particular project, for when you need the insurance of resources and expertise at the ready. 

We also offer a full range of virtualisation services, from planning, design and installation, to bespoke advice and on-going support. We’ll manage this for you ourselves or happily work alongside your in-house team. 

Managed IT is a more cost-effective alternative to recruiting new staff. It’s also particularly helpful when businesses are undergoing a period of change and expansion, or when they need to keep IT costs low to focus resources elsewhere.

Security & Support

Once your IT infrastructure is up and running, we give you the peace of mind that it is robustly protected against malicious cybercrime and accidental data loss, as well as the reassurance that if anything does go wrong, expert guidance is on hand immediately.

Through our security and support services we offer an array of proactive approaches to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure, and to support your personnel through anything from simple user queries, to full-scale incident response.

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Optimisation & Improvement

Your IT infrastructure should not stand still. As your organisation grows and develops, and as new enterprise technologies and processes enter the market, the options for optimising and improving your IT will grow too.

We help you to get the most out of your IT today and into the future, managing migrations to new systems and supporting you through office moves and changes.

Audit & Installation

From the earliest stages of choosing and deploying your organisation’s IT, our managed services can be by your side.

We ensure your IT infrastructure meets your needs, is cost and resource-effective, and installed and configured absolutely accurately, with minimal business disruption.

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