About Us

When we created Curve IT in 2008, our goal was to offer something we felt was seriously lacking in the provision of IT solutions: a high level of personalised, totally client-focused service.

This means we really get to know our clients and understand their specific requirements. So whether you’re a multinational or a start-up, whether your project is small or a complete game-changer, we will only offer a solution if we know it has genuine long-lasting value. This is because what really excites us is finding the right solution, the one that transforms the way your business works and ultimately, drives it forward.

Indeed, keeping it personal is absolutely paramount for Curve IT. Not only do our directors Simon and Tim bring their individual expertise to every job, getting to know each and every client personally in the process, but we also make sure that everyone who joins the Curve IT team shares our passion. Focusing on the individual keeps us adaptable and flexible. We get to know your business, figure out exactly what you want to change and how you need to grow, and then we help you achieve it.

We offer a full range of IT services, and we’re particularly passionate about infrastructure management, project planning and events WiFi.