Reliable WiFi is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity for businesses, public services and individuals alike.

Curve IT specialises in providing internet connectivity and high-speed, dependable WiFi for any situation, temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, with effortless deployment and a fully managed service.

Corporate Connectivity

No matter what the scale of your business or the sector you operate in, robust and reliable wireless connectivity is a critical concern. But you also want to ensure that your wireless network is resource-efficient, responding to the needs of staff and visitors and responding seamlessly to demand.

Using the most technologically advanced industry tools and techniques available, Curve IT can carry out a site survey across your premises, determining where there is most demand and identifying dead spots. We provide comprehensive recommendations for your business to achieve a secure, successful and fully scalable WiFi network and then deploy it effortlessly for you.

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Indoor Events

From conferences to concerts, major events can place WiFi networks under enormous strain – and yet seamless connectivity throughout is crucial for visitor engagement, operational efficiency and even safety.

Curve IT has significant experience in deploying WiFi networks to even the largest of venues, providing coverage to both new and existing environments and ensuring that every corner of the venue maintains a superfast and totally reliable connection.

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Outdoor Venues

Outdoor events, whether temporary or permanent, introduce some unique challenges with regards to wireless connectivity. The technology chosen may have to be deployed and decommissioned within a matter of days or even hours, sometimes in remote locations. It must be able to cope with inclement weather and substantial fluctuations in demand.

Curve IT can provide complete technology solutions for outdoor events, with the technical expertise and specialist hardware to provide a reliable, secure and weatherproof WiFi service.

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WiFi Marketing Services

WiFi networks can also be an opportunity to drive customer engagement and additional revenue – in some cases recouping the entire cost of the original deployment.

Curve IT delivers bespoke branded portals, scheduled advertising opportunities, real-time user engagement, analytics and data capture, enabling wireless networks to drive new revenue streams and create truly compelling and creative stakeholder engagements.

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