WiFi & Networks

Reliable WiFi access is pretty much indispensable to the modern business. Curve IT specialise in providing internet connectivity and high-speed, dependable WiFi for any situation, temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, with effortless deployment and a fully managed service.  Our WiFi Marketing product provides bespoke branded portals, scheduled advertising opportunities, real-time user engagement, analytics and data capture.

Indoor WiFi for Events and Venues

Poor WiFi connectivity can undermine and even ruin an important event or disrupt your visitors’ experience. The issues tend to start when events organisers fail to consider (or otherwise underestimate) the sometimes enormous increase in bandwidth that an event entails. Curve IT can boost your bandwidth to cope with the demand for thousands of concurrent connections. We have significant experience in deploying WiFi networks to even the largest of venues, providing coverage to both new and existing environments and making absolutely certain that your event has a super-fast and totally reliable connection.  Read more.

Outdoor WiFi for Events and Venues

Whatever kind of outdoor event, temporary or permanent, you can be sure that attendees will expect decent WiFi access throughout. Without an exclusive WiFi connection, however, existing 3G signals are unlikely to be able to cope with the sudden influx of a large group of people and their myriad of devices, particularly in a remote location.  We can provide complete technology solutions for outdoor events; we have the technical expertise and hardware to provide a reliable, secure and weatherproof WiFi service, designed with your specific event objectives in mind. High-speed WiFi secures event operations including payment systems and guarantees communications.  Read more.

WiFi Marketing Services

Providing WiFi at your event or venue can also be an additional revenue stream for your business and assist you in data capture.  In fact, we believe it has the potential to pay back the cost of installing the WiFi.  We supply bespoke branded WiFi marketing portals that can be utilised for targeted advertising, sponsorship opportunities, customer questionnaires, data capture and social media interaction.  We offer WiFi marketing services either as part of our WiFi installation or in addition to your existing WiFi connection.  Read more.

Ruckus WiFi

We are a Big Dog Partner of Ruckus Wireless.  This is a partnership status assigned to us by Ruckus, the world leader in WiFi manufacturing and innovation.  We deploy Ruckus access points into all of our WiFi networks due to their reliability, scaleability, affordability and security.  Read more.

Business Connectivity

Hand in hand with the ever-growing demand for wireless connectivity on mobile devices comes the need for providing reliable and solid infrastructure.  Using the most technologically advanced industry tools and techniques available, Curve IT can carry out a site survey across your premises, determining where there is most demand and identifying dead spots. We provide comprehensive recommendations for our business to achieve a secure, successful and fully scalable WiFi network and the deploy it effortlessly for you.