Outdoor WiFi & Networks

We deploy high-speed and reliable WiFi networks for many outdoor events including festivals, concerts, leisure parks, equestrian events, sporting arenas, theatre productions and visitor attractions.   WiFi at your event is critical for operations and communications.  In addition, WiFi enabled marketing services can be extremely valuable in terms of real-time user engagement and post event analytics and data capture.

Most outdoor events require a temporary WiFi network but we also plan and install permanent outdoor WiFi networks.  Whatever style of network we install, we guarantee it will be intelligently designed around your objectives, deliver high-speed internet connectivity and require minimal input from you.


We begin with a full audit of your objectives for your event, identifying what you wish the WiFi network and connectivity to achieve.

Your objectives may include some of the following:

  • Secure live-entry gate systems
  • PCI compliant payment systems for food, drink and retail outlets
  • Organiser and emergency communications
  • Targeted, scheduled advertising and promotions
  • Data capture
  • App deployment
  • Live streaming
  • Media and VIP communications
  • Social media publicity
  • CCTV capabiity


We’ll conduct a full physical audit of the site, including any constraints such as buildings, trees, water, power sources, accessibility etc.  We can also source the leased line for the originating point of internet connectivity.

We take a full brief from you regarding your planned event.  Our aim is to understand the event and it’s function, the participants / exhibitors, the number of people to attend, their flow around the space, the expectations of the WiFi network, the quantity and type of devices etc.


We produce schematics and WiFi heat-maps to plan the optimum WiFi network.  This will include the originating leased line, access points, cabling, hardware, full budget breakdown and installation schedule.

Our outdoor WiFi networks are designed to be scaleable for the number of users and adaptable for the types of devices.  We always aim to optimise your network, never to over-scope it.

WiFi Marketing Services

Delivering reliable and high-speed WiFi to your event attendees provides a valuable opportunity to engage with them through real-time scheduled advertising and promotions.  Bespoke branded WiFi portals can deliver specific content around the event, social media integration and event specific apps.  During the event and post, we can deliver visitor analytics and data capture.  Read how WiFi Marketing could add value to your venue or event.


By the nature of outdoor events, most need to be set-up and de-rigged in an extremely short space of time. Our install team are well-practiced at deployments to tight-deadlines.  We use enterprise grade, fully weather-proofed WiFi equipment.  We ensure that the WiFi network is fully configured and commissioned well before the go-live.  Our aim is to make the technology solutions effortless for you, your operations team and your attendees.

Fully Managed Service

As part of the installation we set-up our WiFi monitoring systems which give us continuous feedback on the connectivity and the stability of the WiFi.  We also provide remote or on-site support during your event or on an on-going basis for permanent installations.

Read about our outdoor event WiFi Network for Brighton Pride.


We deploy best in class equipment from Ruckus.

Find out more about Ruckus Managed Wi-Fi installation at FM Conway

Using the enterprise class Ruckus wireless access points, you will experience incredible performance and resilience. Along with unrivalled features and performance now expected from a Ruckus wireless system, the virtualised controller also gives peace of mind of knowing your WiFi is always up-to-date, backed up and more importantly available.

The Ruckus SmartZone software provides unified software architecture across wireless LAN Controllers (WLAN), for appliance, virtualised and cloud environments offering the ultimate deployment flexibility. This new WiFi software offers a tremendous level of flexibility; scaling up to 300,000 devices offering single and multi-tenancy, as well as ‘WiFi as you grow’ – the capability for network to expand with and adapt to the changing needs of your business.