Connectivity is a critical part of modern construction. Residential, commercial or mixed use, from single houses through the biggest high-rises, all new buildings need an intelligent and holistic approach to connectivity.

Ensuring reliable broadband connectivity for residents or workers throughout the building – regardless of complex internal layouts and unusual building materials – is just one part of the picture.

Leave connectivity considerations until a building project is underway, and you risk wasting resources on unnecessary duplication, leaving areas of the building with insufficient coverage, or being forced to undo completed work in order to retrofit key technology.

Pro-Active Planning

We work with architects, construction firms, engineers and project managers from the earliest stages of the RIBA Plan of Work. We enable connectivity to be embedded in the design and project planning of new buildings, rather than layered on at the end.

In this way, we ensure that connectivity for new buildings is designed for the needs of residents, tenants and workers, and deployed in the most cost-effective and resource-efficient way during construction.