Does your office struggle with slow internet speeds, despite a high signal strength, or suffer from dead spots where certain facilities are unable to connect to the network?

WiFi speed issues are the bane of any organisation when there are no clear signs of a fault and can have a detrimental effect on productivity in the workplace. But what may seem like a turn-it-off-and-on-again situation often comes down to a poorly configured infrastructure. Hand in hand with the ever-growing demand for fast wireless connectivity on mobile devices comes the need for providing reliable and solid infrastructure – which is where we come in. At Curve IT, we provide Wifi Assurance services to survey your network performance and:

  • Help you achieve greater visibility of your infrastructure
  • Provide you with faster, dependable connectivity
  • Contribute to a boost in workplace performance

Using live site surveying and predictive design software, our certified engineers will determine the most demand and identify dead spots across your premises to provide you with on the spot feedback and comprehensive recommendations for achieving a secure, successful and fully scalable WiFi network. We can then deploy it effortlessly for you.

Implementing high capacity access points for solid network infrastructure

We deploy high capacity products for solutions that are smart, secure and scaleable. This means that all our WiFi network infrastructures, whether a large-scale permanent WiFi installation or a temporary event that requires guaranteed concurrent connectivity for multiple users and devices, generally require less access points front for the same user needs, lowering your overall expenditure.

If your business is being held back by business connectivity issues, get in touch with a member of the team today and we’ll be happy to discuss providing you with a high-performance solution.