Curve IT supply Temporary WiFi at the BHAFC parade

Quite a few of our team at Curve IT are fans of Brighton & Hove Albion FC, so we were delighted to receive the request to install a Temporary WiFi at the BHAFC parade

We’ve all experienced events where there are a huge number of people concentrated in one area all trying to use their phone to call, text, get on-line or use social media.  Inevitably the phone networks are overloaded and fail.  For such events, the organisers have to ensure a guaranteed connection method for their own operational communications and also for the emergency services.  A temporary WiFi installation provides this guaranteed connection method.

The promotion parade event organisers, Beyond 90, asked us to deliver a secure business grade network provided by WiFi connectivity.   Working to extremely tight deadlines, our team installed leased line connectivity at multiple locations, both indoor and outdoor, along the seafront parade route.

The WiFi facilitated the following:

  • Event organising team communications
  • Emergency services communications
  • Telecommunications with residents, fans and other interested parties
  • Media communications for high-speed image and video uploads for instant broadcasting
  • Social media sharing for BHAFC official updates
  • Players and VIP WiFi access

The promotion parade was an amazing community event which many thousands of fans and residents enjoyed.  Good luck to the Seagulls in the Premier League!

If you’re looking for a temporary large-scale, reliable WiFi connection at your indoor or outdoor event, please call us on 01273 806220.