OPERATE: PRS IT Services and Solutions

Curve IT not only delivers the most effective solutions for residents of MDUs, but caters for the PRS IT services and solution for the client’s own operational requirements.

Tenants in the PRS are increasingly seeking high-spec apartments incorporating state-of-the-art technology: MDUs are becoming luxurious living spaces where lighting, heating, and access can be controlled easily and intuitively – with instant connectivity available for tenants on a growing number of devices.

(A recent tech survey showed residents of MDUs had an average of 17 devices with internet connection per apartment.)

“I need to maintain connectivity between multiple devices without any hassle.”

“I don’t want people hacking into my WiFi.” 

“I want to wirelessly print documents and photos from my phone or laptop.”  

“I’d like all my devices to connect with each other seamlessly.”

Meeting high technological expectations

  • Smart phones and smart TVs, WiFi-enabled lighting, heating and security will soon be jostling for bandwidth space with smart fridges, smart clothing and other wireless tech.
  • The rise of voice-activated home hubs such as Amazon Echo and Google Home is driving opportunities for seamless shopping and marketing without a laptop or tablet in sight.

Around 21 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020.    

Girl on computer using WiFi | IT infrastructure for smart living

The best in-house technology

Curve IT delivers PRS IT services and solutions to manage client’s operational requirements such as building management systems, CCTV and concierge services, as well as innovative resident portals.
  • By deploying a building-wide WiFi platform a PRS developer can engage with residents on many different levels.
  • Guest engagement through portal options ensures residents feel part of a modern, connected network, which benefits them in many different ways.
  • Curve IT provide full reporting and analytics to the operator.
  • Resident portals serve multiple functions: tenants can communicate with one another and alert building management teams about urgent matters. Residents can also use a portal to receive notifications or upgrade their accommodation or connectivity.
  • Flexible business models can deliver a revenue stream to operators.
  • A great product and service gives the operator a competitive advantage over other PRS operators.
  • Internet access is included in the rent, and Curve IT can create an infrastructure where residents can easily upgrade for a managed monthly payment with the client.
  • Carefully designed placement of WiFi access points means residents have superb access throughout the entire building, whilst minimising the number of points needed, so saving money for the build.
  • The Curve IT Personal Area Network means that residents have access to their own network, wherever they are in the building, such as the gym or lobby, creating a seamless experience for the resident.
  • We are approaching an age in which a wide range of consumer products will be routinely connected to internet-enabled interfaces.
  • Curve IT can also provide ongoing 24/7 IT support if required, for both the operator and residents, including warranty management.
In a highly competitive sector, a PRS development with a future proofed, supported IT infrastructure could be the differentiating factor which makes tenants choose one MDU over another – and stay there.

Contact the team at Curve IT to see how we can deliver your PRS IT services and solutions.