Creating an intelligent IT infrastructure for PRS Broadband

By 2021 one in four people in the UK – and nearly half of 25 to 34 year olds – will be renting, with huge investment going into multi-tenant developments in the Private Rental Sector (PRS), figures from the English Housing Survey show.

The multi-tenant sector is one of the hardest environments in which to deliver robust WiFi networks, with hundreds of residents living in close proximity using multiple devices, often at the same time.

Providing an IT infrastructure to support a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) requires a deep understanding of the fundamentals of WiFi technology.

The benefits of calling in Curve IT from the word go

While a good PRS developer will have strong conceptual ideas about the space they plan to create for residents, ‘generation rent’ is looking for far more than the bare essentials in their new home: the burgeoning use of smart phones, smart TVs and a plethora of connected home devices mean fast, immediate access to broadband and WiFi connectivity is today as essential as running water.
  • Curve IT are involved from RIBA stage 3 onwards.
  • Curve IT consultants begin by establishing the client’s aims for the residents and the building. An early site visit enables our IT team to brainstorm with and advise PRS developers, translating concepts into a tech spec which can be incorporated before construction even begins.
  • Using the most technologically advanced industry tools and techniques available, Curve IT will carry out a site survey across your premises, determining where there is most demand and identifying ‘dead spots’.
  • We provide comprehensive recommendations to create a secure, successful and fully scalable WiFi network.
  • Curve IT recommends a converged network, which is more efficient than multiple networks. The hardware cabling design can be fitted alongside other services rather than being retrospectively installed and the use of multiple communication modes on a single network offers a convenience and flexibility that is not possible with separate infrastructures. (By using a converged network, we save on cabling too.)
  • An optimised WiFi network throughout a building based on WiFi modelling means there is no over-scoping, reducing hardware and installation capex.
  • Advanced techniques such as Personal Area Networks (PAN) ensure the best experience for residents, including access to the IoT.
  • Additional services can be incorporated such as VoIP, CCTV, Security systems, door control and more.

RIBA plan of strategy table

High-capacity, reliable, secure broadband and WiFi for MDUs & PRS Broadband

Curve IT has the latest on-trend information about the IT systems which best benefit clients, actively seeking out systems that will save money and reduce carbon footprint. We help clients confidently address technology-related decisions such as speed of access and cabling, recommending enterprise grade equipment within a client’s budget to ensure a great feature set and good warranty level for equipment.

Early planning of IT infrastructure, networks and PRS Broadband before the building construction begins reduces time-consuming and expensive retrospective IT installation in the construction schedule – and prevents expensive variations in construction; we dovetail our installation into the other service installation schedules.

It also means Curve IT can adhere to and enhance demanding brand standards including:

  • Security controls within the building for residents to feel safe;
  • Minimum setting for the WiFi signal wherever a resident may be within the building;
  • A minimum number of wired ports within an apartment in the optimum locations;
  • A WiFi portal for residents that is user friendly and offers services, and further revenue opportunities;
  • Home-style technology delivered to enterprise standard within an MDU which feels individual to the resident but utilised by numerous tenants;
  • High speed Internet supply optimized for 5Ghz.
Contact Curve IT to find out how we can make your PRS development and PRS Broadband the best in class.