Why BTR Operators need a Technology Brand Standard

As a BTR operator, how good is your build to rent internet, wifi and network technology brand standard?

As home working increases and social media and traditional media formats move ever more to digital, FOBO – Fear Of Being Offline – fills many people with dread, and in the Build to Rent market it would be inconceivable to rent an apartment where a guest could not get online immediately.

With this reliance on ubiquitous high-speed connectivity, making sure your building has great Wifi is crucial. Curve IT believes that to ensure you are competitive in the marketplace you should have a clear strategy for what you want to deliver and how you will achieve it.

BTR operators might want to consider some questions around the provision of Wifi:

  • How can resident and customers connect? And their guests?
  • Should you block certain content?
  • Should Wifi be available only in certain areas?
  • Will you charge, and if so how, when, what for, and how much?
  • Should speed or the number of devices be limited?
Girl on computer using WiFi | IT infrastructure for smart living
While the first reaction of an operator may be, ‘Give everyone everything, all the time’, this approach can often give users a worse experience. As technology has become more advanced there are many ways to shape and manipulate the available bandwidth and your offering to provide the best possible solution. As no two buildings are identical, so Wifi networks should be adapted as well.

For project planning this can raise many questions. The first decisions should probably be around the build to rent internet network and whether this is something that the Operator wants to provide and manage themselves, or contract out to a company, or whether each individual supplier of IP services will provide their own. Is this likely to be in a capex or an opex budget?

At RIBA stage 1-3 it’s imperative that the M&E specification – and the vendor proposals received from this – match your ideas and values in your brand standard. If the design does not reflect what you want to achieve then variations and additional costs become more likely. Or worse you have a sub-standard installation of technology services.

Curve IT has years of experience working with customers to define their brand standards, and designing and creating solutions to meet these. We have advised on Wifi, networks, broadband provision, structured cabling, voice services, CCTV, TV and IPTV solutions amongst others.

We can talk about your wishes and requirements and can be reached at contact@curveit.com or 01273 806220