Our WiFi Marketing Services can increase revenues, provide real-time updates and interaction, give valuable customer insights, encourage social engagement and improve overall user experience.  WiFi marketing can produce measurable and valuable returns on your investment and gives your customers expected WiFi connection and more.

We deployed WiFi Marketing at Brighton Spiegeltent for the month of the Brighton Fringe Festival in addition to the WiFi connection.

WiFi Marketing Portal

Firstly we installed reliable and high speed WiFi for internet connectivity, giving different access to various user groups i.e. operations team and visitors had separate access.

We designed, implemented and tested a fully responsive Brighton Spiegeltent 2017 branded portal. The portal featured direct links to the Spiegeltent booking website, plus links to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

There are several food outlets within the Spiegeltent site, so direct links were added to the portal to the various menus meaning visitors could browse the menu at leisure before purchasing.


We featured a total of fifteen adverts scheduled on a granular level, by day and time.  The adverts promoted a variety of shows performing at Brighton Spiegeltent.  These five second adverts are ‘pushed’ to the visitors device before they can gain access to the WiFi.

Data Capture

Facebook and email were the selected authentication methods for visitors to log on to Brighton Spiegeltent Free WiFi.  Facebook authentication captures the visitor’s email address, name, gender and age.  Once the visitor has authenticated via Facebook they are automatically dropped to Spiegeltent’s Facebook page which increased their page ‘likes’ and check-ins.

Email authentication added the email addresses of thousands of highly-engaged visitors to Brighton Spiegeltent’s database.

WiFi Authentication also provides the opportunity for a user survey, from which name, age, gender, product / service commentary can be captured.

Reporting and Analysis

We were able to provide our client with live reporting and a full post-event analysis.  We reported on users per hour, per day, by device, gender and age.  User surveys provide an even greater opportunity for data analysis.

This analysis leads to enhanced targeted advertising and customer engagement through the WiFi.