Ruckus WiSE certification for Mark Adams

Last week, one of our senior technicians, Mark Adams, completed the Ruckus Wireless Zone Director course and passed the Ruckus WiSE Certification Test with flying colours!  The course, delivered by Ruckus Wireless Authorised Training Partner, Purdicom, consisted of classroom material and labs covering the installation, configuration, and management of Zone Director hardware and software.

“Although I’ve had plenty of experience in wireless deployments, it’s important that as a Ruckus Big Dog partner, Curve IT holds the official certification for  Zone Director deployments,” says Mark.  “It’s always good practice to update your knowledge around the latest Ruckus products and interesting to learn about system developments.”

Ruckus WiSE Certification Test

WiSE is Ruckus’ top-level certification. It ensures that certificate holders have the necessary skills to design, deploy, manage, and support robust wireless networks consisting of a range of Ruckus smart WiFi products, including ZoneDirector controllers and Access Points.

Key aspects of the course covered:

  • Describe the ZoneFlex WLAN system
  • Compare the ZoneDirector and ZoneFlex AP hardware models
  • Install a ZoneDirector controller
  • Configure a ZoneFlex WLAN system to support
  • WLAN service options
  • User authentication options
  • System administration options
  • WLAN security options
  • Captive portal services
  • Wireless mesh networking
  • Redundancy options for the ZoneDirector controllers
  • Describe the network topology options for the ZoneFlex WLAN system
  • Troubleshoot WLAN connectivity and performance issue