Curve IT launches MDU Connect

Breakthrough technology to help building managers deliver their own internet services

A new technology that enables building managers to deliver their own internet services to tenants in shared buildings has been launched, promising significant cost benefits.

MDU Connect provides building owners or managers with a combination of  hardware and specially designed software, including a cloud-based access portal, to manage the full network within their building.

This means that those running build-to-rent sites in particular can retain control of one single network – known as a converged network – and make substantial cost savings. The owned network can be used to deliver multiple services, including internet connectivity and smart metering capabilities to residents, without the need for third party involvement.

MDU Connect provides cost savings

MDU Connect’s combination of hardware and software has also been designed to provide cost savings on traditional building networks and building management systems. Beyond build-to-rent and office spaces, the breakthrough technology can be deployed in the hospitality sector, on university campuses and at other locations where occupants require connectivity and building owners or managers wish to deliver and monitor utilities.

Technology from network equipment manufacturer MikroTik is used alongside access points from wireless specialist Ruckus in order to establish the converged network. Software developed by the Curve team, including the access portal, is then used by those managing the building to deliver internet services to tenants. It also provides key information relating to the building management, such as utility consumption.

MDU Connect was developed as part of Curve’s work with London based Build-to-Rent provider Essential Living, who wanted to feel comfortable in taking full responsibility for the quality of internet services for tenants at its four sites in the capital. Following the success of the scheme, Curve IT are now rolling out this innovative service.

Improve tenant services

Simon O’Hare, CEO of Curve IT, said: “Keeping tenants in a shared building connected to the fast internet is up there with the most important requirements of building owners or managers, not least with the growing move towards working from home.

“Unfortunately, many building owners have to rely entirely on a third party to provide this service. As well as losing control over this important aspect of tenant satisfaction, it also means building owners or managers miss out on the ability to package and sell connectivity services directly to tenants, and this can be a significant new revenue stream.

“MDU Connect places control back with building owners and managers while providing tenants with improved services, so it’s a win-win scenario.”