Managed IT

At Curve IT, we can manage all of your existing IT systems for you, plus any new solutions or upgrades that come into play going forward. With Managed IT, all aspects of your technological infrastructure – your networks, workstations, servers and email – are all monitored for maximum efficiency and perfect health. Having IT support in this way means that problems are pre-empted and unnecessary downtime is minimised and in many cases, eliminated altogether.

We can manage your IT either at your premises or remotely. This is useful for a wide range of businesses, from small companies and start-ups to larger organisations. It can be an ongoing arrangement or merely emergency cover for a particular project, for when you need the insurance of resources and expertise at the ready.

We also offer a full range of virtualisation services, from planning, design and installation, to bespoke advice and on-going support. We’ll manage this for you ourselves or happily work alongside your in-house team. Whatever suits you best.

Managed IT is a more cost-effective alternative to recruiting new staff. It’s also particularly helpful when businesses are undergoing a period of change and expansion, or when they need to keep IT costs low to focus resources elsewhere.

It’s also ideal for anyone who ever feels that they simply can’t manage themselves. Panic over. Give us a call to discuss our IT support packages.