Office Moves

Office moves, mergers and growth can put a strain on your IT infrastructure and your sanity.

We understand how critical a completely smooth transition is to the effective operation of your business.  To ensure we achieve this we take time to properly understand your business plan, all your systems and your team’s requirements.  We then design an effortless transition that meets your time frame and your operational business hours with minimal disruption.

A Complete Service

What we offer:

  • A complete relocation service; planned, project managed, implemented and double-checked, with post-move support for your peace of mind
  • Cloud migration, fully supported and disruption-free

The Process

How the process works:

Our approach is flexible to meet your needs and our broad experience means our approach works every time. We can step in at any point during the stages below.

  • IT requirement analysis and audit
  • IT planning and management
  • Notice to third parties as required
  • Backup contingency and planning
  • Decommissioning and relocation
  • Equipment set up and testing
  • Post-move IT support