Disaster Recovery and Backup

Having sound IT recovery and backup systems in place will ensure continuity in your business. We find the best new technology that meets your business needs and we can step in at whatever point you need us – either to manage the entire project or to offer IT support and advice at various stages.

Avert Disaster

We advise all our clients to implement sustainable backups before disaster strikes. Because we work with all sizes of business, we’ll find the right solution, one that best fits your budget and data needs.

What we cover:

  • Backups of email and other hierarchical data systems
  • Backups in virtualised environments
  • Speed of recovery
  • Simple or accelerated backup
  • Continuous backup and recovery capability
  • Continuity through highly available or redundant storage and server systems, such as virtualisation
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premise backup and recovery systems
  • Remote monitoring, testing, management and support of recovery platforms
  • Managed backup and continuity services