IT Strategy

Technology has never been so important as it is in the digital age. It is being used to create new products and services, enhance existing offerings and create rewarding customer experiences.  However, keeping up to date with technology advancements and considering how they might benefit your business can be very time-consuming.

You may find that your current technology is perfectly suitable for your current requirements.  What about in three years’ time?

Curve IT can assist you with developing a bespoke IT strategy driven by your overall business strategy. One of our experienced consultants will assess your current IT capabilities and identify any gap between those and the capabilities your company will require in the longer-term.

Why have an IT Strategy?

Developing strategy and reviewing it can be time-consuming but it is critical to achieving your organisational objectives and ultimately the success of your business.  We believe that IT should not constrain a business, in fact it has the capability to unleash its full potential.  Intelligently designed IT can facilitate business expansion, revenue and profit growth and operational efficiencies.  IT strategy planning also enables long-term financial and resource planning.

An IT strategy may be used as a guide to work towards over a number of years and to base longer-term investment decisions against.  Alternatively, it may identify that your current IT infrastructure is already hampering your growth and expansion plans and needs to be updated before you can begin to achieve your business objectives.

We have experience in devising IT strategies for a variety of purposes including post-merger integration, business start-ups, new market growth, cloud computing migration and physical office moves.

Approaching an IT Strategy

  • Initial discussion around your overall business strategy.
  • Identify the business capabilities that will be needed over the time frame to support your business strategy and brand vision.
  • Assess the gap between your current capabilities and the level required to realise your business goals.
  • Identify how technology can be used to address any gaps between the current and required level of each business capability.
  • Design the target technology architecture that will support the required business capabilities. The design and architecture of your network underpins your IT support and it’s important to recognise how it will develop as your business grows. Right-sizing the network will save downtime, resource and revenues in the longer term.
  • Assess the gap between the organisation’s current and target technology architecture.  We design networks that are future-proofed and fit for business, whether it’s starting from scratch or a redesign an existing system.
  • Develop a prioritised roadmap for building the target technology architecture.
  • Detail a comprehensive budget and delivery schedule.
  • We prepare and present business cases to your board members or for the purposes to securing external funding.

IT Strategy Implementation

Once the IT Strategy is agreed and approved, we move to implementation phase.

  • We design and install all network components.
  • We purchase and install hardware and software.
  • We provide network maintenance plans to optimise the performance and life of your network.
  • We offer maintenance contracts including on-going IT support.
  • We will also review and update your IT Strategy should your business strategies change direction or reprioritise.