In very simple terms – just in case you’re not exactly sure what it is – “cloud computing” refers to remote storage of programs and data. Rather than local storage on your own computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing basically means accessing your information over the internet, and as long as you have an internet connection, it can be done anywhere, and at anytime.

Practically, what it means is that you never have to worry about servers again, you can access the same work from any computer anywhere in the world, and if you choose to implement a cloud solution, all of your IT support costs going forward can be fixed.

A cloud solution, however, is not right for everyone. At Curve IT, we can advise you – no matter how large or small your business – on whether or not you’d be better off with your IT system accessible in the cloud. If it’s right for you, we offer a range of cloud services and can implement the cloud solution that best suits your business requirements.

You’ll be able to outsource the management of cloud applications to us, or we can assist your in-house team with installation, migration and whatever else is required to make transition as smooth as possible.