IT Apprentice

We’re delighted to welcome our new IT apprentice, Mitch Tester, to the Curve IT team.

The timing couldn’t be better as next week, 6 – 10 March 2017, is the 10th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2017).  The week will highlight the investment and success of apprenticeships in the UK over the last decade and will continue to promote apprenticeships as a fast-track to a successful career.

Mitch has joined Curve IT after applying for a 15-month apprenticeship through 3aaa in central Brighton, a national provider of Apprenticeships in England.  Most of his time will be spent working alongside our technical support team.  He’ll also spend a total of eight weeks at the 3aaa academy, where he’ll be in a classroom environment for his theoretical learning.

For Curve IT, the opportunity to take on an apprentice enables us to employ someone who is highly motivated, eager to learn and that we can train to our specification for our growing business needs. We view apprenticeships as a valuable investment in our personnel and we know our clients will enjoy working with Mitch.  Mitch is not only interested in technology, proving this by setting up his own home network, but also has previous experience in a customer service environment.

Mitch researched the various routes into a career in IT.  There were two main options that he considered; to study for applicable entry level certifications in a classroom environment or an IT apprenticeship within an organisation.  Mitch opted for the apprenticeship as he feels it lends itself to his preferred practical and hands-on style of learning, “rather than reading through text books I can be learning as I work.  I know what I do on the course is directly applicable to the role.”

“Another reason I opted for an apprenticeship was the opportunity it gives me. If I were to study for certifications in my own time, I would end up with those qualifications but I would still be looking for the right role.  With an apprenticeship it combines the learning and the experience into one, as well as giving me a foot in the door in terms of work in the field.”

Mitch’s chosen apprenticeship is called Level 3 Trailblazer – Infrastructure Technician.  This is a combination of two Level 3 Diplomas, four BCS Certificates and an MTA, covering many different aspects of information and communications technology.

Click here for more information regarding the apprenticeship scheme.